Brent DeRouen, ISPI (via Richard Surber’s Blog)

The preamble to this post is that the world of microcap companies is rough and tumble.  Regulations are such that “penny stocks” are not allowed to be solicted by licensed brokers.  Consequently, it is very difficult for these small businesses to gain exposure in the market place without seeking out “stock promoters,” in most cases.  Stock promoters are paid in cash or shares to let the world know about an investment or trading opportunity.   Without exposure, it is next to impossible for penny stocks to become liquid.  Without liquidity, it is difficult to raise capital to grow the business which is the reason for becoming public.  The public cannot buy what it is not aware of.  You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about that product then what good is it.

 The world of penny stocks consists of many development stage companies that are unknown.  These companies are risky investments.  On occasion, you can find a great small business that could become a great success with great upside potential.  I believe that Nexia Holdings is a great small business that could have great upside potential.  One of the most frustrating parts of  running a microcap public company is marketing the stock.  I have run into many great people.  I have also had the unfortunate experience of dealing with numerous promoters that are scam artists.  By scam artists, I mean that these so-called promoters represent that they have valuable databases, high-profile websites, investment newsletters and the like that are tailored to traders and investors that are suited to speculate in the arena of microcap companies and they in fact do not.  They also inevitably take credit for movement in upward price movements of other penny stocks.  I recently had a bad experience with Brent DeRouen.  A person that represented that he was going to earn his money by promoting Nexia.  Here is an excerpt from a posting about this promoter from another site of mine that I recently took down: is a Brent De Rouen promotion site along with several other sites.  He and his company basically defrauded the public company that I am CEO of.  He took $6,500 and represented that he would do a profile on the company, email to his data base and post a profile on  He did nothing but distribute a company press release to an unknown number of people during the entire duration of the campaign. And, the market t … Read More

via Richard Surber’s Blog

The purpose of posting this information is simple: to hit back in the most effective way possible by preventing additional dollars finding their way into his pocket.  I am frustrated with people like this guy taking advantage of small companies like mine.  In the present case,  OTC-Advisors made specific representations and then did not follow through, ie did next to nothing.   I am an attorney and I can and probably will sue him.  However, lawsuits are usually ineffective against these firms because it is very difficult to collect and expensive to pursue.  In the past, I would take my knocks and move on because quite frankly these types of online posts do not bode well for the poster.  In fact, I have never gone online and posted about business experiences gone bad.   Furthermore, I would never post anything about a firm that could arguably claim that it used its best efforts to perform.    However, Mr. DeRouen and his firm did not earn Nexia’s money.   He is also associate with a pack of promoters that have slandered me.  I want this article to be read by potential victims so these companies can avert being damaged.  I also want other self-proclaimed promoters to see this article as well so they know to steer clear of me unless they are going to work for their money.

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